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Exfoliating is a huge deal when it comes to spray tanning. It’s a must if you want an even, long lasting sunless glow.

Here’s the low down: Exfoliation is a method that is used to get rid of the dead cells on our skin to keep the skin clean and reveal a new skin layer. Natural skin renewal usually takes more than two weeks to shed off the dead cells. By exfoliating not only do the dead cells shed off, the pores on our skin get unclogged making the skin cleaner and fresh. So when you exfoliate before a spray tan, you are ensuring that your skin is in the best possible condition for a spray tan. The fresh skin cells will form a smooth base that your spray tan will stick to. This helps with proper application of the tan which results in a longer, even sunless glow!  

Here’s my favourite steps to get the best out of your skin. 

This method of exfoliation should be performed the night before your sunless tanning appointment. Step 1: Soak in a warm bath for 10-20 minutes. Go ahead and get all of your shaving out of the way during this step! -You can add salts or s soak to your bath if desired. 

Step 2: Drain bath water and turn on shower. Turn the shower head away from you, leaving room for you to stand in the tub without water hitting you. Basically, let the shower create a nice steamy atmosphere for you to do your exfoliating! Step 3: Time to exfoliate! Take a dry Tan Erase Mit ($10 in our shop!) and exfoliate skin in a circular motion. Layers of dead skin, old tan and impurities will roll off body and onto your mitt! This mitt is reusable- just hang it on a towel rack or hook and allow it to air dry! *Don’t forget to exfoliate under your arms- you’ll be amazed at how much deodorant build up is under there! Yuck! 

Don’t have a tan erase mitt? Don’t worry! You can use a body scrub (make sure it doesn’t have mineral oil in it!) and exfoliate your skin using your hands, a washcloth or a body buff glove. Step 4: After exfoliating, step under your showerhead and cleanse your skin with a paraben-free, sulfate- free body wash.  Step 5: MOISTURIZE!! Apply a paraben-free, sulfate-free, and mineral oil-free lotion, body butter or body oil. All of our moisturizing products are perfect for this step! Put on some long sleeves, long pants and cozy socks and head to bed! Your skin will feel refreshed and super clean when you head to bed and when you wake up, it’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bottom! The day of your appointment, you don’t need to apply any additional moisturizers and no deodorant! What if you don’t have this much time before your sunless tanning appointment?? Thats OK- here is another great way to exfoliate before getting sprayed: The Day of your sunless tan: (minimum 6 hours before)  Step 1: Grab a pair of exfoliating mitts and hop into a nice warm shower. Go ahead and do all of your shaving during this step! Apply a paraben-free, sulfate-free body wash to your body buff gloves and buff your body using a circular motion. Step 2: DON’T MOISTURIZE & don’t apply deodorant! Leaving your body freshly polished and super clean will allow the airbrush tan to absorb evenly!

Remember healthy skin is happy skin! SPRAY DONT LAY! 

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