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About House Of Glow

At House Of Glow, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Originally hailing from British Columbia, Canada, we provided the city of Vancouver with custom spray tans since 2009. We are fueled by the desire to have you feeling and looking great. We have been established in Grande Prairie since 2018 and we are proud to bring the House Of Glow to this beautiful city!

Introducing the girl behind the gun:

My name is Sasha and I was born in a small town called Clinton but raised in Vancouver BC. I moved out to Grande Prairie to start a family with my hunny in 2017.⁣⁣

I have been spray tanning since 2009. I started when the tanning salon I part owned had a spray booth and it turned girls orange and green! It was actually cringe worthy no matter what we did the solution just did not vibe with every skin back then. ⁣⁣

We destroyed the booth and I started custom spray tanning and never looked back. I’ve kept up with it after the sale of the UV salon and opened up House of Glow in GP.

I have two toddlers that run my life and another business thats a staffing agency for events but my whole heart really pours into all that is sunless. I’m a huge advocate to protect your skin from the sun and any type of product that can damage your skin.

I’m certified by several brands and have also completed my esthetician diploma so I am 100% qualified to be a spray tan tech and beyond. If you have any questions on skin, sunless spray, teeth whitening or retail products shoot me a msg any time! ⁣⁣