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What Can Fade Your Spray Tan

Is your sunless tan fading too fast? Here may be some reasons why.

A sunless tan is not a real tan. DHA, the active ingredient that turns the skin brown, works with the protiens and amino acids in the skin to create a color that is darker than your natural skin tone, mimicking the look of a sun tan. As our skin exfoliates, so does the tan, as only the top 25% of the skin is affected by the sunless process.

Typically, spray tans last 7-10 days and fade gradually over the week as our skin sloughs off, generating new skin cells to take its place. If you are finding your sunless color is not lasting as long as you had hoped, your every day routine may be contributing to the tan fading prematurely.

These products may or may not affect everyone equally. This is just a guideline of things to consider to prevent a sunless tan from fading prematurely.

Topical Skin Products and other Medications​

  • Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging products can exfoliate and dry the skin, causing it to fade, often unevenly or patchy -BHA products-Beta Hyrdoxy acids - salicylic acid

-AHA products-Alpha Hydroxy acids- glycolic, lactic, malic, citric, and

tartaric acids

-Tretinoin products -Retin-A, Renova, Avita, Altinac

  • Antibiotics and other medications that may affect your skin may also affect your tan

Beauty and Soap Products

  • Bar soaps with high pH levels, especially deodorant and antibacterial soaps

  • Dove brand soap and body wash shower products

  • Loofah, scrub brush, exfoliating gloves, or rough body cleansers when bathing or showering - instead use a soft wash cloth, puffy sponge, or hands to gently cleanse skin

  • Mineral Oil or products containing Mineral Oil

  • Makeup remover and eye makeup remover oils

  • Facial masks and exfoliating scrubs

  • Biore-type adhesive facial strips and peel away masks

  • Toners containing high amounts of alcohol or witch hazel - do not use if they are listed in the top 3 ingedients

  • Curel brand lotions

  • In shower moisturizing lotions, such as Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion

  • Hair inhibiting lotions, such as Jergens Shave Minimizing lotion

  • Perfumes, body sprays, and bug sprays when sprayed directly on skin. Spray on clothes or into air and walk into the "cloud" of spray

Shaving, Waxing, Bleaching

  • Dull razors shave off more of your skin and "tan"- Use a sharp clean razor and an oil-free moisturizing lubricant when shaving

  • Waxing or depilatory hair removal products - Nair, Veet, Neet, or any body hair waxing product

  • Body hair bleaching products

Other Spray Tan Killers

  • Dry skin causes the tan to fade faster - healthy moisturized skin tans best and lasts longer - moisturize twice daily and after showering with a heavy moisturizing cream, like Infinite Glow's After Glow Daily Moisturizer

  • Oily skin causes the tan to appear lighter - the oils can coat the skin preventing proper absorption of the DHA

  • Swimming pools, hot tubs, and long hot baths or showers can fade your tan

  • Hormonal changes, such as ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy may affect the development of the tan. It may appear streaky, patchy, fade unevenly, or produce little or no color

  • Eating sardines the night before your spray tan can affect the pH balance of your skin, which can affect your skin’s ability to absorb the tanning solution.

  • Band-Aids or adhesive tape applied to skin may "pull off" the color of your tan

  • Excessive sweating from exercising may cause your tan to fade faster, particularly in body fold areas -arm bends, knee bends, cleavage, etc.



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